Spun Sugar Quilt

My youngest sister told me how much she liked a quilt in American Patchwork & Quilting (Dec 2007) just last October.  We decided that if she purchases the fabric, I’d make the quilt for her.  The designer of Spun Sugar and fabric kit can be found at www.homesteadhearth.com  As it turned out, other than the kit, the rest of the fabric was $2.50/yard, so we got a bunch for the back.  I used a frisky feathers pantograph  in the center, crosshatched the brown inner border and did a swag for the first time with templates from www.constantinequilts.com.  Easy peasy and it looks great!

Any thoughts on getting the bottom left star to stand out more would be appreciated…  perhaps an artistic person could use a fabric marker?



2 Responses to “Spun Sugar Quilt”

  1. Shelly Says:

    Love the border quilting……the scalloped swag and the contrast of the channel quilting!! Most excellent!

  2. Nancy Says:

    For that left lower block. Could you machine stitch the outline with a slightly darker thread color?

    Love the colors and pattern….

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