Here is a quilt top I made with Karen Griska’s pattern (  It is called The Red Zinger and can be found on her blog.   Her book, ” The Selvage Edge Quilt” is fabulous!  I am heading to the basement to quilt it soon!



Below is an incredible find for this project.   Years ago, my sisters visited one of my mom’s favorite places, 
Hearthside Quilts ( in Vermont.  They purchased a ton of scraps.  I did make a Log Cabin out of the some pieces, but most of were on the selvage and that doesn’t necessarily work very well, so they were crammed into a box and stored until I remembered that there may be selvages in the box.  Voila!  These are from just one of the boxes.


Today is my 49th birthday and my daughter came over and went to Mass with us.  It was so nice to have her with us for the morning.  My son (US Marine) sent a lovely bouquet of flowers, and my husband gave me a pattern and gift certificate for fabric along with some backpacking goodies.


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  1. myolivebranch Says:

    happy birthday! beautiful family. what a fun quilt. did you save all the salvages yourself? would make a neat memory quilt of all the fabrics you’ve used.

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