Columbus Day

Here are a few recent finishes I am donating to our church’s Fall Festival.  After running the kitchen for 2000 dinners, I am now taking care of the quilt booth.  Funny, the ladies that have done it for years don’t want to run it, but want it done their way.  I’ll manage another year.   This is all left over fabric my mom had; the pattern is Hip to BEE Square and the pantograph is Splash.


Here is a little 30″ from orphan blocks from my dad’s quilt.  The pantograph is Flying Paisly.

Here is Hip to BEE Square Baby with Geometric Pinwheel.  I picked up the fabric at a vintage store in our downtown.  I know it’s not vintage, but someone wasn’t going to use it and I did!

Lastly, after our weekend at Boy Scout’s Order of the Arrow camp-out, we came back and made apple cider with friends on their 100+ year old press.  Here my son is with our friend.  Yes, that is a sink in a cabinet in the middle of their yard.  Pretty fun, huh???

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