Scout Quilt

Thanks to Kay I was alerted to the new line of Boy Scout fabric by Robert Kaufman.  Using an idea from my friend and her machine embroidery skills, and with a quilt by Cathy Kucenski from the Nov/Dec ’06 issue of Quiltmaker, this is what I came up with…  This one is for our Committee Chair and I’ll make another for a Scoutmaster and one for my son.  Some of the trees have summer camps that the troop attended as well as the pack and troop number.  It is in the 65″ squarish range.  Now if he can just get that last merit badge signed off!!!

One Response to “Scout Quilt”

  1. boyandgirlscoutsdotcom Says:

    Argh! Why can’t I sew? I paid $90 to get my machine tuned up because I kept breaking needles and spewing bobbin thread. In the end it looks like it was just me not understanding what I’m doing.

    Oh, yeah. Nice quilt.

    No seriously. It’s awesome.

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