Marine Quilt Again…

My son is visiting from the US Marine Corps.  He was in Florida and is heading to New River, NC.  When he lived here, he was constantly my “holder” for quilt pictures.  He was never really interested in having a quilt, but he never refused one either.  When he was leaving for the Marines, I asked him if he wanted me to make one for him using the USMC fabric I had purchased.  “No thanks!”  When he got to Pensacola, he mentioned that he had noticed that many of the other guys had quilts on their racks.  So, I asked him if he’d like me to make one for him.  “If you want to, that would be fine.”.  I made him one, stuffed it into a flat rate box and shipped it.  He opened it in front of an officer and was asked, “Is that your blankie?”  “Yes, sir” thinking that there was no way he could restuff it into the box and carry his dry cleaning, so off he went…  Two weeks ago, we were talking on the phone and his roomate kept saying, “Tell her about the quilt!”.  Apparently, an instructor was in the room and noticed Charles’ quilt.  He asked if his mom had made it and said it was really cool.  Then he started bringing other instructors in to see it.  WAY COOL !!!  My son is 6″ 4″ and this quilt is really long!

One Response to “Marine Quilt Again…”

  1. Jackie Says:

    I like your quilt for your son. I have a son in the Marines too. It sounds like the same conversation I have with him. Say Thank-you to your son for his service to his (our) country!

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