King’s Mountain

Wednesday, nine of us hiked up King’s Mountain in the Coastal Range.  This part of the trail is 2.5 miles, starts at 700′ and goes to 3200′ ~~ a bit intense.  Here is the start and very easy.

Here I am nearing the summit.

Lunch was provided by our day hikers and fabulous!

After lunch at the summit, three day hikers returned the same path we had just taken up.  The remaining six of us hiked the other side of the mountain to Elk Creek Campground.  It was more than intense at the beginning!  We side stepped much of the way, making sure each step was secure.  We didn’t start a switch back until the person in front was on the next one because if we fell, we’d take them out with us.  One part even had a rope to help get us over a cliff. 

Here are some of the Nalgene’s from our group.

This was the second day of our backpack.  The trails were absolutely beautiful!  We live in paradise ~~ no bugs!

Off to Mt. Hood this weekend with my husband and son for a short trip and then next week is a long hike on the Timberline Trail with a few side trips (Cooper Spur and Yocum Ridge) totaling 55 miles.

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