Service Project

We have returned from our Boy Scout’s Order of the Arrow service project in Shasta, California.  What a great week!

Upon arrival last Saturday, we were all trained in environmental awareness; tool maintenance, safety, and handling; Leave No Trace Ethics; basic backpacking and trail information.  On Sunday, 19 crews headed out to the field to start work on rehabilitating over 100 miles of trails, refurbishing an historic lookout, revamping comfort stations along the Pacific Crest Trail and cleaning up illegal dump sites.
Base camp was the Mt. Shasta Ski Park.  We slept on the hill Saturday and then again Thursday and Friday.

 Each crew lined up their packs before hiking out.

 In the back country, we camped by an incredible river.  It was just like being in the Flintstones.


The guys set up bear bags in two locations to hold our food and “smellables”.

 Here is a sample of the group’s breakfast.  Each packet feeds two people.

 Every morning, we had a “tool talk” and every evening, the tools were stashed.

 This is the biggest project we worked on.  The trail was incredibly muddy, but in the end, a work of art…  All 21 of us worked on this.  Most of us were rock and gravel haulers.  We would pick out the size of rock they wanted, place them in buckets or bags and haul them up the hill from the river.  The guys set up a relay for this and it went pretty fast, but we picked and hauled for two days.



Here is the finished trail!

 This is the river we crossed to get the rocks.

 Moving rocks into place on the  trail.

One Response to “Service Project”

  1. Brad Haddock Says:

    Great report and photos! Glad you had a great time. Thanks for your service at Shasta-Trinity.
    Brad Haddock, Chairman National Order of the Arrow Committee

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