Quilted Stole for Priest

I made a stole years ago for a priest at the request of an incredibly talented artist and iconographer.  She showed me a design from a very old book.  Since then, I have seen this pattern in two different books (Weeks Riggle and Kaffee Fassett ~~ may have first name mixed up). 

Anyway, a friend wanted to make one for a family friend in Italy and decided that since she had enough fabric for two, she’d make one for our priest who is leaving in June.  Well, she cut and placed all the fabrics and I moved them to another gridded fusible, sewed the pieces up and then quilted and sewed it up this morning.  My part is finished!  Now onto the wedding quilt I need to have finished for Saturday.


2 Responses to “Quilted Stole for Priest”

  1. Dana benson Says:

    These stoles are beautiful! I especially like the green on at the bottom. I am going to quilt a stole of my own, but need a little help. Did you have a pattern for this stole? Is it a basic 9 patch? Do you have measurements for length and width? How do you make the part around the neck curve and lay right? Any help you could offer would be very much appreciated!
    Thanks, Dana

  2. Luc Carré Says:

    Dear Sir or Madam. I’m a Belgain deacon-candidate. I’m very much interested in youre stoles. Is there a deacon stole in the same style? And what is the price? Yours sincerely, Luc Carré

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