Quilt for an Hour ~~ Day 7

I am up to date on the Quilt for an Hour from http://www.patchworktimes.com/ and it is looking great!  I do wish my background fabrics had more contrast.

This morning, I put the label on my dad’s birthday gift.  My mother’s moto is a “snail”, so since I have wanted to do a large Snail’s Trail quilt and she will be seeing it daily, I decided on this pattern.  The quilt is twin size and will look great against their brick wall.  The best part is that it fit in a USPS flat rate box with just a little bit of squeezing and shoving!  The other good part is that the only fabric I purchased for it was five fat quarters, the back and binding!


2 Responses to “Quilt for an Hour ~~ Day 7”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Your QFAH is very like mine and I know what you mean but it is lovely. It will look superb when it is finished. They both will. I didn’t quite finish today’s ‘hour’ as I ran out of steam, I’ll get it done in the morning.
    I really love your snail trail quilt, did you quilt it yourself? It is one of my favourite designs.

  2. Gail Says:

    Congratulations with keeping up with the daily QFAH steps. I was going to do it, but got called away because of a sickness in our famiy. But I do intent do do it later this month..

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