26 Years of Running

Today marks my 26th year of running.  My first run was a few blocks in Orlando, FL before I was out of breath.  Throughout the years my accomplishments have been:  running through three pregnancies (including many races pushing a jogger stroller while pregnant), San Francisco Marathon in 1984, several Hood to Coast relays, competetition on the Pacific Telesis corporate team, finding partners to run with, several graceful falls to the pavement, pushing the jogger through 10″ of fresh snow in Yosemite, many big hill climbs in the SF Bay Area, meeting my husband while running with the Diablo Road Runners, running to the top of Mt. Diablo (3800 ft. in 13 miles) on New Years Day, running after a night of drinking (where I couldn’t turn my head without it throbbing) and winning the woman’s division of the Concord Disposal Run and many other great feats!  Running has helped keep me in shape for all the outdoor activities I do!

Today, was another day at Hagg Lake working on my son’s Eagle Project.  More sanding and painting.  Tomorrow, my son and husband will go back and finish painting.  Hopefully it will dry better than today.

I have several quilting projects that need to be finished by mid week, so, off I go to the Gammill…

Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend!  Ours began with flag placement at the Pioneer Cemetery Friday.

One Response to “26 Years of Running”

  1. sfrunner Says:

    Congratualtions on the 26 years of running. Take care. – Wayne

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