Marine Quilt on a stormy day

My son, the Marine, who never really wanted a quilt has been hinting for one.  Since I already had Marine Corps fabric and had started it a while back, it was easy to finish.  What I understand is that he will sleep on top of his rack (bed) and each morning only have to tidy it up, fold up the quilt and store it in his locker.  I do have to add that this is not his first quilt.  It is 68″ x 106″.  I used the red fabric with Heat n Bond to adhere his name to the top.  It is zig zagged and quilted over so it should be clear that it is his quilt.  The back is scrapped with the digital camouflage, other fabrics and one of his tee shirts he wore in high school.


Yesterday, I went skiing and it was the best day on Mt. Hood.  It snowed all day, but the conditions were excellent.  Today, we woke up to another cold day and around 1, we had a blast of snow.  Here is a picture looking off our porch across the street of the sky after the dark gloomy snowy sky.  Our tulips were just drooping from the wind and snow.

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