Mexico Mission Quilt and Boy Scout

I gave in and told my sister that this quilt was ready.  She will get it Sunday barring any airline problems my daughter may have.  The tee shirts came from her pastor.  His wife gave them to my sister for the quilt and it will be a surprise for his 70th birthday in May.  For the 2007 Mexico Mission, the teens played a prank on him.  They got his wife to tell them his size underwearand and purchased enough for the trip.  They washed, tie dyed and returned them to the wife who replaced his old ones with the “new tye dye” ones.  When they stopped at the first night’s hotel and he opened his luggage…   hmmm…  what a surprise!


My Pinwheel Pizzazz is nearly finished being hand bound.  It is queen size and I believe I will put it in a small local quilt show being held in two weeks.

I have spent the day working on sorting out my son’s Cub and Boy Scout stuff.  I am trying to get a time-line of what he did as well as scan all the pictures so my sister can create a memory album and we can do a slide show at his Eagle Court of Honor.  He still has two parts of his project and four Eagle required badges to complete.  Hopefully, by next September he’ll be ready and our Marine son will be able to be here for the ceremony.  Here he is at Butte Creek when he was 9 years old.

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