Quilting Studio Tour

I frequent www.MQResource.comand someone suggested we all give studio tours.  Well, here is mine.  This is my “sewing area”.  It is the corner of my eating nook.  When things are too big, I just swing the machine onto the kitchen table.  The white cabinet has a project in two drawers and scraps in the third.  The baskets on top each have a project and one holds scraps also.


For most ironing, I work near my sink.  Since Daycare is my primary business, the cord is up.  OK, the bottle should be put away.  However, the coffee pot and iron are the only electric appliances on my counter!


This is my “design” area.  Most people have a wall, but why do I need one when I have floor space and…


a dining room table to stand on and take pictures from?


This is my “quilting studio” ~~ cement at it’s best.  Without looking out the window, I can tell if it is raining because it seeps through the corner and rolls towards the washing machine.  That is why the dehumidifier is to the left.  The floor used to be clear under the table, but I co-coordinate door prizes at the guild, so the prizes have a special storage spot now.


The end!

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