Productive Anniversary Day

What a day…   It is our 22nd Anniversary and also the anniversary of my husband’s mother’s death.

To start this day, I loaded a customer quilt that I ended up finishing.  Usually I only do one customer quilt a month since childcare is my job.  Between dishes and laundry, I rode my bike, got a replacement cell phone at the AT&T store since the other phone’s display disappeared.  My husband and I went to lunch in downtown and swung by Starbucks for coffee beans and the free used grinds for both our neighbor and us (great in the garden).  The mended flower small hangings were put together today, but quilted last night.  I also did some weeding and organized all my quilting pantographs with pictures in a notebook since Janet gave me a bunch of new ones and I had some that I wanted to get rid of.  To top this day off, I noticed a package in my mailbox.  It was from Brigitte (, my MQR Secret Quilter Sister (   It is a lovely fabric covered notebook.  THANK YOU !!  You are a fabulous seamstress!

flowers-mended.jpg  secret-quilter-brigit.jpg

Here are two shots from our wedding.  I believe there were 17 of us including the minister.  It was in the chapel in Yosemite National Park where my husband lived as a child.  His dad was a national park ranger.  It rained all the way up to the park.  The Merced River was so full that the minister was afraid of flooding again that year.  The next morning we woke up to snow.  Our honeymoon was later that year in August and we hiked part of the Appalachian Trail.  It was hot and muggy!  I still use the tent and my backpack and even after heavy use, they are in great shape.

    yosemite-w-dad.jpg yosemite.jpg

One Response to “Productive Anniversary Day”

  1. Merilee Says:

    It was a wonderful day and Yosemite Falls were spectacular! We had lunch at the Ahwahnee Hotel and all sat around one very large round table.

    Thanks for the memories!

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