Twin Lakes on Mt. Hood

Yesterday, we snowshoed from Frog Lake Snow Park to Lower Twin Lake on Mt. Hood with 5 adults and 8 boys from our Scout Troop.  We set up our tents and carved out areas to cook.  While the boys were working on their 1,000 square foot cooking area (exaggerated highly), we adults hiked up to Upper Twin Lake.  It had a great view of the top of Mt. Hood and was not a very popular place given the few tracks and rough trail up to it.

The biggest lesson learned was not to keep wet hiking boots outside.  My son’s shoes were frozen solid in a way that a foot could not get in and the shoe laces were shooting out to the sides in weird spirals.  It took 16 minutes for him to even get a foot into one.

 The weather was phenomenal and the outing outstanding!

 ann-andrew.jpg ann-tent.jpg ann-upper-twin-lake.jpg frozen-shoes.jpg

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