Feathers: The White Buick

Last summer, our 1990 Buick Century had a major melt down, so our mechanic suggested we get rid of it and purchase another.  We gave it to a daycare parent and bought a 1996 blue Buick Century.

 My daughter called one morning before Christmas and asked, “Mom, did you take my car?”  She is married and was to move into their new home in three days.  “No, dear, I didn’t, someone else must have.”  The daycare parent had been trying to sell the fixed-up white car, but hadn’t, so he gave it to them for the price he paid for parts only.  He had loved a quilt I gave his daughter, so I made him one of his own as thanks.  It is named, “Feathers” because that is what we called the car.  That’s another long story


One Response to “Feathers: The White Buick”

  1. lifeonthestillwater Says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog…so many interesting topics…and your quilts are beautiful! Thanks for making my day. 🙂


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