My Grandmother and Banana Stickers

A few weeks ago, I was walking downtown and noticed a Madonna picture in the window of the art studio.  It had cut outs and lots of gold.  Around the perimeter, there were a few rows of banana and other fruit stickers.  My grandmother was a refunder… you know, cut out a UPC code or something on a box and get a Green Giant jump rope, Kellogg’s car, etc. etc.  She also collected banana stickers and I also did because of her.  Finally, a few years back, I discarded mine.  After seeing this art, the collection began again and I did the following project with them.  This is the idea of another artist, but used completely different by me.  I used my longarm quiting machine to make inchies, a popular new item among fiber artists.  First, I put the backing on the frame, then interfacing, the top fabric, stickers and a bunch of fibers.  Over all of this, I put a sheer and quilted it up.  Once they were cut into 1.5″ squares, I finished them and put a rivet into each corner.

inchies-plus-before.jpg  inchies-plus-size.jpg 

While I was working on this part of the project, my husband was doing computer generated stuff using her handwriting and pictures.  This is the final project.  I will take it back east with me for my family’s get together this weekend, but I don’t know if I’ll give it up or not.  I’d like to enter it into the county fair this summer.


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