Another Raggedy Ann and Andy quilt

This is the second Raggedy Ann and Andy quilt I have made for a Christmas gift.  This is for my friend (niece to recipient of other one).  This quilt is in the 60″ x 70″ range and it was completed in less than 24 hours and used up almost all my red tone on tone type fabrics.  I just love it and know my friend will also.  Her birthday is near Valentine’s Day, so she has many red items.  It will also be a very nice reminder of her aunt who passed away last year.


In addition, this weekend was very productive.  I finished five quilted handbags and many other projects.


One Response to “Another Raggedy Ann and Andy quilt”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    AnnMarie- this quilt is hanging in the display case at the Forest Grove City Library. A woman who collects Raggety Ann’s is displaying her collection this month and so I brought in the quilt you made me to compliment her collection. It looks FABULOUS, of course! 12/16/09 ec

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