Raggedy Ann and Andy Quilt

What good friends I have.  My dear friend and godmother to my son passed away a year ago and I was given her fabric.  She never missed a birthday, anniversary, special occasion or much else.  This woman was the most incredible seamstress.  Many of her close friends have Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that are amazing.  Their hair is lush and thick; real denim jeans with a hankie in the pocket; bows in the hair; hand embroidered faces, buttons for eyes and beautiful embroidered inscriptions on their chests.  Her husband has a set of 4th of July Ann and Andy.  His birthday is around that date and he worked for the FBI.  Included in the fabric I was given were eight different yards of patriotic flannel.  So, I made a “friendship star” quilt (81″ x 81″) with his fabric.  Another friend of mine came up with the idea to machine embroidered the faces and “I LOVE YOU” hearts and did them for me.  It is machine quilted with Heart and Soul’s Star Swirl pantograph and variegated red/white/blue thread.  This will be my Christmas gift to him. 

chuck-ragedy.jpg chuck-ragedy-corner.jpg

  ann-and-andy.jpg ann-and-andy-back.jpg ginny-ann-body.jpg

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