PMQG 2015 Medallion

December 15, 2014

The Portland Modern Quilt Guild officers created a medallion that members could create each month of 2014.  Thank you, to each of them because it turned out fabulous!  At our Christmas party, 19 nearly finished quilts hung in the room.  Mine was finished last night and measures 60″ square.  I have to say that the first month, when mine hung along with the rest of the participants’ centers, I thought it was very washed out and wimpy.  It sure makes me smile now!

PMQG Medallion 2014

I did straight line quilting, but three lines then a space, repeat…..

PMQG Medallion 2014 close

Here, still with the binding not hand stitched, I held it in the wind with Mt. Hood in the background.PMQG Medallion

Yes, Marcus Mariota may have won the Heisman, but we held the winning ticket to the wee little, but utterly cute, troll hiking buddy at the Christmas party. Swag accompanied us to our favorite snow destination on the flanks of Mt. Hood. We were on the trail by 11pm with headlamps and arrived after midnight ~~ just in time for the moon rise. Between perfect weather and a partial moon, the skies aligned for night photography.

Swag Tree Boy Scout Ridge Watermark

Boy Scout Ridge Moon Watermark

I hauled a two-foot blue tree and battery lights, but it didn’t give Kevin the lighting he expected.Night Tree watermark

Boy Scout Ridge Pano Watermark

PMQG Christmas Party

December 12, 2014

Due to the wind storm yesterday, my entire car pool cancelled.  40 minutes before the meeting, my son agreed to drive me and we got there in 45 minutes.  In November, if we were interested in participating in the gift exchange, we packed a ziplock bag with fabric and ideas of things we’d like.  The bags were distributed on our way out the door.

Kathryn pulled my bag and, using inspiration from a photo of our tent in front of Mt. Hood, she made this lovely mini quilt.

Gift quilt

Here we both are with her gift to me.

PMQG Dec 2014

Kathryn put a very cute button on the back.

Gift quilt back

I pulled Kimberly’s bag and made her a mug rug, pot holder and purse.

2015 PMQG Exchange_edited-1

This shows the back of all three items.  I used “Quilt Talk” for the paper pieced letter “K”.

2014 PMQG Exchange back_edited-2

There were several gals selling items and I scored five yards of fabric (low volume and a great one for Valentine projects) from Rachel.


Drats Bats: My Quiltcon Reject

December 11, 2014

At Quiltcon 2013, my sister suggested that I make a QR code quilt, but I wasn’t interested. Walking through a park in Austin, we saw a billboard with this QR code linking to the Statesman about bats and I decided that if we returned to Austin in 2015, I’d make the quilt. Michael Miller’s challenge fabric sealed the deal. Scanning this quilt will link you to the Statesman page.

My quilt measures 69″ square and I just received notice that it is not one of the quilts chosen to be in Quiltcon in Austin in February.  Drats!  The panel of judges had to choose from over 1,350 quilts.

The challenge was to use primarily Michael Miller’s spring solid collection.  We could add a Michael Miller print to the back and binding if we wanted.

2015 Quiltcon SCAN ME entire

2015 Quiltcon SCAN ME close up

The back of the quilt says, “SCAN ME”.

2015 Quiltcon SCAN ME back

This is the sign we saw in Austin.


Back From Pennsylvania

December 8, 2014

I’ve returned from my family’s St. Nicholas Day gathering.  My dad loved the barn quilt duplicate.  Here he and my brother hold it next to their work building that has two barn quilts.

SCS Barn quilt front Waynesboro

scs barn quilt back waynesboro

I managed to bind almost half of this on the plane which was a huge lesson in space management.  It measures 62″ x 82″ and I wrote about it in this post.  My oldest brother ended up winning it in the gift exchange.

St Nicholas exchange quilt

St Nick exchange quilt

St Nicholas exchange quilt back

Each morning, I got out for a run.  This is the home where I was raised.

After my run in Waynesboro

My dad is the best breakfast maker, but here he is making an apple pie here.

Pop Pop Red Plaid Shirt

Lucky me!  I came home with a lovely pack of fabric from my youngest sister, Frances.  Some of it is from Tula Pink’s newest line!

Fabric from Frances 2014

and fabric from another sister to make a bed runner for my niece.

Fabric for Heather

Barn Quilt Duplicate, Purses and Binding

December 4, 2014

My dad has two barn quilts on his work building in Pennsylvania.  I made him a duplicate of the left one.  On the back, I used my mom’s tee shirts that I cut up after she passed away.  The quilt measures 62″ x 62″ and is quilted with straight lines.  Tomorrow night it will be in his living room.

SCS Group Barn Quilt

SCS Group Barn Quilt Back


I wipped up three new purses for my sister, sister-in-law and me.  The end two use a combination of winning fabrics.  The dark grey is from Studio E and I won it at the Oregon State Fair and the brights on the same purses was from an Andover win.

Three Purses 2014

Combining the fabric I won from Andover (Thomas Knauer’s line, Thesaurus) and a pattern from John Q. Adams’ book, “Beyond Neutral“, I have a gift for our family exchange on Saturday, St. Nicholas Day.  The plan is to bind it on the plane to DC tomorrow.

Binding for Plane

Hello Instagram and the 21st Century

November 29, 2014

Yesterday, I entered the 21st century with a smart phone.  Our monthly bill only goes up $5 and if Andrew can get his hands on a phone (shhh… Santa has this handled), the bill stays the same and he’ll be able to check stuff on his commute via light rail into college daily.

Quiltcon Wine Block QuiltingI still have about 30 hours to finish the quilt, get the photo and submit the entry to Quiltcon.  Late last evening, I finished the background and am nearing the end of the wine colored parts this morning.


Quilting My Quiltcon Challenge Quilt

November 27, 2014

Barring any challenges, I should have this finished, photographed and submitted by Sunday’s deadline.

Quiltcon Challenge Quilting… and I made my first ever pecan pie.

Pecan Pie

Ripping Out Seams Builds Character? Right?

November 22, 2014

Parts of it are just not looking so good. So, I’m redoing them. The Quiltcon deadline is November 30th.

Quiltcon Frogging

Mystery Quilt Revealed

November 20, 2014

The 2014 Mystery Quilt from Joyce’s class for Westside Quilters Guild finishes at 62″ square.

Challange front

the back…

Challange back

close up of quilting…

Challange closeup

challange close upUp next is a duplicate of one of my dad’s barn quilts.

Barn Quilt frontThe back uses tee shirts that I cut up right after my mom died.  These were the ones she wore all the time.

Barn Quilt back

Piecing with Two Sewing Machines

November 15, 2014

I’m working on the Quiltcon Challenge quilt using two sewing machines.  One is set with the wine color thread and the other with a light thread.  Michael Miller Fabrics supplied a nice spring collection for a starter back in September.  Photos of the finished quilts are due the end of this month.

Quiltcon MM Challenge… and last week I got a cute chair for $3 at a yardsale.  It may be going to a friend’s home.

chair for 3 dollars

chair logo


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