Harvest Century Bike Ride

September 29, 2014

Woo Hoo to my son-in-law and me for riding 101 miles in the Harvest Century Bike Ride.

The start!

Ann Start Century Harvest

Start Bike RideClosing in on the finish line in about five blocks!

Last Stretch Harvest Century 100 miler

After a meal and a few beers!

Harvest Century 100 miler finish line

NW Quilt Expo

September 28, 2014

At Northwest Quilt Expo, there were 47 Portland Bridge quilts.  Our challeng was to use the Waterfront Park fabric line designed by Violet Craft for Michael Miller.  I chose the St. John’s Bridge and specifically Cathedral Park as my inspiration.  Kevin took these photos in August under the bridge.

St John Bridge closer

St Johns Bridge back

St Johns Quilt Front_edited-1

St Johns Quilt Back_edited-1

St Johns Quilt closeup_edited-1

EXPO Bridge quilt

My “Pantone 18-3224 TWO” quilt hung at the show also.  I’m holding Kevin’s cane as he takes the photo.

EXPO Pantone

And here is how far I am tonight on the guild raffle quilt.

Mona inside whole

Quilting on the Guild Quilt

September 26, 2014

Quilt Border

This is taking WAY TOO LONG!  I have done nothing other than quilt on this for nearly an entire week in every spare moment and there is still a lot remaining.

OK, So the Luck Stops Here!

September 21, 2014

We had a great backpack planned.  Everything was packed and we were to leave after a little sewing with Westside Quilters this morning.  Plans changed when Kevin called to say that he fell out of his trailer last night in Roseburg while moving pipes. His left knee buckles when he stands on it.  No telling how he made it home because both his truck and car are clutches. He’s been RICEing it all day (Rest, Ice, Compression socks, Elevation) along with anti-inflamatory meds.Kevin knee swelling

I was practicing with my clip on bike pedals this morning and everything was ok until I got back home, panicked and just fell over ~~ still attached to my bike.  This evening, it’s a goose egg size bruised lump.  The tan is compliments of our Yosemite backpack.

Ann knee swelling

More Great Winning Here!

September 19, 2014

Back in August, I received an e-mail stating that my name was drawn as a prize winner in the Modern Metallic Challenge. Last night, I was given my winnings and, WOW, are they great!  Thank you, Michelle and Mary Ann for putting this together!  I already have plans for the charm candy.

Metallics Goodies

I’m quilting the Westside Quilters Guild Raffle Quilt and have some of the border completed as well as the sashing.WQG border

…and lots of rows going together…  taking up space in my dining room…


Thank You Oregon State Fair

September 17, 2014

Oregon State Fair and Mid-Valley Quilters, you went all out to hang our quilts so lovely, solicit People’s Choice votes, white glove the show, and all the many other duties that go into our great fair!  Thank You SO MUCH!!  Returning the People’s Choice comments with our quilts was a wonderful surprise!  Plus, there was a lovely pack of STUDIO E Solids with my Zig Zag Amish quilt.

OR State Fair 2014

Yay for Toni from our Westside Quilter’s Guild, because not only did she receive ribbons at both the Washington County Fair and State Fair, she received People’s Choice at the State Fair!

Michael Miller Cotton Coture for a Quiltcon Challenge Quilt

September 16, 2014

Thank you Michael Miller for getting me started on my fabric for an idea I’ve had since Quiltcon 2013 ~~ ok, it was my sister’s initial idea, but I am the one who found the way to do it!

Michael Miller Cotton Coture Quiltcon

Alison Glass Quilted Items and a New Water Heater

September 14, 2014

I’ve been using my new Alison Glass fabric that I won last month with the left overs from my sister’s Lucky Penny quilt.  In the works are two pillows and two table runners.

Alison Glass misc

The guys are in the throws of water heater removal/installation.  This way, I will not have to step over the running stream of water in the basement as I put laundry in/out of washer and dryer.

Water Heater

… and my Gammill got a new belt.


Bat and the Silcox Hut

September 8, 2014

Bat runner totally copied from here.  Sara is very gracious about me using her fabulous bat design!  It finishes at 17″ x 24″.

Bat Runner

Bat Runner back

Over the weekend, Kevin and I backpacked the Hidden Lake Trail in the Mt. Hood Wilderness.  We set up our tent at 6,200′.   Sunday morning we stayed “off trail” up to 7,000′ and crossed over several snow fields to the Silcox Hut, then down to Timberline Lodge and back to our car.  Totals come to 14 miles and 4,200′ in elevation gain.017-Tent

The arrows show the approximate locations where we crossed two of the snow fields.

117-Snow Crossing 

A quick lay down in the snow.  It is pretty wet this time of year.

 095-Ann in Snow

Coming up from the snow field

 085-Ann Climbing up

Our shadows on opposite side of canyon


Approaching the Silcox Hut

098-Ann Silcox Hut

Timberline Ski Area is installing the Boundry signage in anticipation of ski season.

091-Ski Boundry Silcox Hut

Hidden Lake

146-Hidden Lake

Cats, Bats and Leaves

September 6, 2014

This week, I’ve been working on three things.  A cat quilt for one sister-in-law and a fall quilt for another.  Then, while browsing Flicker: Fresh Modern Quilts, I came upon this.  Splendid!  My sister and I had bats in our attic bedroom and both absolutely detest them!  Wednesday, I drafted out the pattern with the intent of surprising my sister with a runner.  Wednesday night, I was washing a dish at the kitchen sink and noticed a shadow move over me and then caught a LARGE BLACK flying object to the left.  A BAT!  EEEKK!  I ran for my life and ended up in the basement until my son came home from work and chased it out.  The bat had at least a 12″ wingspan ~~ nearly double the size my sister and I dealt with as girls.  It must have come down the chiminy and I believe it was a one time event.

Cats, Bats, Leaves


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